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Rock House Publishing Distribution and Marketing

Rock House Publishing currently works in conjunction with Word and Spirit Resources (www.wordandspiritbooks.com) for our book distribution services.

Word and Spirit Resources distributes and markets books to churches, Christian bookstores, secular bookstores, and businesses such as Wal-Mart, Target, and K-Mart. They have over 4000 accounts. Mr. Keith Provance is the founding president of Word and Spirit Resources and served as the president of Harrison House Publishing for over 20 years.

Below are the services we offer along with Word and Spirit Resources for the distribution and marketing of our books. Book publication through Rock House Publishing does not bind the author into any distribution or marketing plan unless so desired by the author of the book.

1. All authors desiring a distribution/marketing contract with Word and Spirit Resources may submit their book(s) through Rock House Publishing for consideration.

2. Once a book has been accepted for distribution and marketing, the following plan has been offered:

  • A. A quantity of 250 or more books will be sent to Word and Spirit Resources for filing in their distribution warehouse. There is a $200 fee per book title for a book to be added to their database. (FedEx Packages: Word and Spirit Resources, Attn: Keith Provance, Word & Spirit Books, 1831 E. 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74136) or Correspondence and Checks: Word & Spirit Books, PO Box 701403, Tulsa, OK 74170
  • B. All books will be presented to various outlet markets (Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, etc.) for purchase by use of media catalogue. (*A price list for additional marketing is located at the end of this document.)
  • C. Once a book is requested by an outlet store from Word and Spirit Resources, mailing of the book(s) will take place and Word and Spirit Resources will receive payment for the order.
  • D. Word and Spirit Resources will then reimburse the author for the cost of book production and a 12% royalty from the discounted price of the book as it is sold to the outlet store. (Example: If a book was printed for $1.50 per book and was sold to “Family Christian Bookstores” for $4.40 per book, the author would be reimbursed the $1.50 plus the 12% royalty of $.53...equaling $2.03.)

    * One other notation; if the author wants to take advantage of the full distribution network - the purchase price of their book can be no more than 15% of the retail price. For instance, if a book is $10.00, Word and Spirit resources would buy at no more than $1.50. The company would still pay a 15% royalty on top of that on all sales revenue. They have to offer a discount of 45 -65% plus guaranteed full return privileges to sell to the major bookstores, distributors, and wholesalers.

Word & Spirit Marketing and Promotional Opportunities

1. W&S Catalog:

½ page spot = $625
Full page spot = $1000
Catalog mailed to 2000 bookstores and churches.
Used in key account presentations and when Rep Group presents W&S titles to buyers.

2. Postcard promotion = $1,050

Front and back / single product or multiple products.
Mailed to 2000 bookstores and churches

3. Monthly flier = $1,300

Front and back / 4 color single product or multiple products.
Mailed to 4000 bookstores and churches.

4. E-Blast = $465

Goes to 2,500 pre-qualified retailers

5. Telemarketing Promotions

Inbound sales calls, product gets mentioned for 1 week = $350
Outbound sales calls to top 400 accounts = $500

6. Promo mailing to top 300 bookstores and churches = $1,300

Author provides copies of the books.
W&S drafts letter to go with promo book.
This fee includes labor, postage and handling, supplies.
Followed up with telemarketing call to each customer

7. Press Release written about the book and sent to ECPA, CBA, Charisma, Ministries Today and Publishers Weekly = $150

8. Book Reviews / Bloggers: $250

Either electronic version of the final manuscript or printed copy of the book sent to a network of book reviewers and bloggers.

9. Internet Advertising

Rotating banner ad for 2 weeks. = $200
Center ad spot for 2 weeks. = $350
Premium Billboard Spot for 2 weeks. = $400

10. E-book: $239.00

Word and Spirit Resources format for all e-book sites. Once formatted, they send the customer to the following sites for downloading.

A. For Kindle - the customer down loads the E-book from Amazon.com
B. For iPad/iPhone - they down load from iTunes
C. For the Nook - they down load from BarnesandNoble.com

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