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Book Cover Design:

    "You can't judge a book by its cover."

    Good advice, but in the book business that is exactly what happens. The substance of your book will initially be judged by the image you present. Many quality books have been overlooked due to a lack of quality cover design. Our desire at Rock House is to offer cover designs that enhance the substance of your written text.

Incorporated Logo Information:

    "Image is everything!"

    Although we at Rock House Inc. do not agree with the statement above, image is important. The image you convey reflects upon your business and the perceived excellence of your business. A quality designed logo, letterhead or business card will add the image you desire to the substance you already possess. We can help.

Incorporated CD/DVD Cover Information:

    With all you have invested into your CD or DVD, it's final appearance should not be an afterthought. Maybe you have started a cover design already. Possibly you have some pictures you would like to use. You may just want a unique cover that will cause your work to stand out in a crowd. We can create a professional level cover at an affordable price just for you.

Interior Page Design:

    Proper Typesetting greatly enhances the readability of your book. Small details, such as spacing between lines and use of fonts, have a large impact on your finished book.

    Page Design is an essential aspect of book design. Page design elements include textual details such as font, style, chapter titles, and main text. As cover design is to the external appearance of your book, page design and typesetting are to your interior appearance.

Ghost Writing Services:

    Oftentimes a person has an idea for a book, but not the time to write it. We can offer the assistance you need in this area. Our Ghost Writing Services are offered in three main phases, but you may not need all three in the preparation of your book. Maybe you have an outline and need your book to be written. Possibly you have a rough draft that you would like finalized. You may even have a person you would like to write from an outline we prepare. Our services can be catered to your specific needs and desires.

    Phase #1 "Outline Preparation"
    Using your audio recordings, video recordings, notes or manuscripts; we will organize your information into a book outline format. We will then ask for your input concerning what you would like included, excluded or altered. Upon your approval of the outline, we can begin with Phase #2 of the process or you can keep your outline for future use.

    Phase #2 "Preliminary Draft"
    Using your approved outline, we will write a preliminary draft of your book. As with our outline policy, it is only with your approval that we will continue through the Ghost Writing process to Phase #3.

    Phase #3 "Final Draft"
    As you read through your Preliminary Draft, you may find few changes you would like to make or many. We will continue to alter your Final Draft until we have created the book you want. Our responsibility is to assist in making your dream of authoring a book a reality.

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